The ancient Romans used to say that pearls are the tears of the gods. Maybe they were not mistaken that pearls are tears, because it turns out that the necessary condition for the birth of a pearl is a foreign body that enters the shell and begins to irritate the mollusc. He then begins to secrete calcium carbonate, which wraps the foreign body layer by layer, thus forming a pearl.

During the quarantine, Lithuanian Sea Museum offers students and teachers the opportunity to get to know the world of waters and the maritime history by visiting the museum online.

  • What is a pearl;
  • Where do pearls live;
  • What the house of the pearl looks like;
  • How many years does it take for a pea-sized pearl to grow;
  • Cows, pigs, chicken are raised on farms… Pearls are also raised on farms!

Although this educational activity took place online, we assure you that the remote distance did not prevent us from learning a lot of interesting things or even hold a joint experiment – a gourmet familiarization with beautiful works of nature – mollusc shells. We learned what it takes for a pearl to grow beautiful, large and valuable. What does it take for a person to become a “pearl”?