• Workshops
    February 01
    15:00 val. S. Simkaus str. 17a, Klaipeda

    What is required for a person to become a “pearl”?

    The ancient Romans used to say that pearls are the tears of the gods. Maybe they were not mistaken that pearls are tears, because it turns out that the necessary condition for the birth of a pearl is a foreign body that enters the shell and begins to irritate the mollusc. He then begins to […]

  • Workshops
    January 29
    S. Simkaus str. 17a, Klaipeda


    #RyšioKūrimas #PeopletoPeople #Kūrybinės jungtysThere is a Game running on our Facebook page. During the creative workshop with theater and film director Tom, the children learned to make animated films with stills, and with special programs to edit the animation they created. We nominate 5 children’s works with images of our staff and will select a […]


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