Liberi Children and Youth Day Center

One of the largest “Liberi” created projects in 2018 was the social business: Children and Youth Day Center – Children and youth Leisure and Extracurricular Activities Center “Liberi”. The aim of the center, while taking into account the needs of the child and family, is to provide comprehensive services that are available to families and children: strengthening parenting skills, family member relationship, organizing early vocational guidance and non-formal education, helping to form a conscious young person and promoting emotional well-being of children and family members.

The mission of the center is to become a hub of attraction for children and family members and a bridge connecting the child and family with other municipal institutions and organisations. Moreover, the focus is to take care of children’s safety, because often times children return to an empty home after school because parents are still at work. This is an issue for parents since they worry about how their children are doing alone at home. Therefore, our leisure and extracurricular employment center will provide professional childcare and the opportunity to take children out of school and take them to a club / extracurricular center. Children are cared for, safe, and most importantly, parents can work peacefully and without any worries. 


  • to provide children with positive and varied socialization opportunities
  • to organize children’s employment, cultural, social, artistic, cognitive – educational activities, while considering their needs and interests
  • to strengthen the aid network and carry out complex interventions while overcoming difficulties to restore and strengthen their functions
  • to strengthen respect for the traditional culture of their nation 


  • to ensure diversity of activities and to help form the conscious personality of the young person
  • to organize early vocational guidance and non-formal education
  • to help parents at ensuring productive working days by creating greater added value
  • to organize high-quality leisure activities for children and the strengthening of social skills
  • to encourage families to spend their free time together
  • to help strengthen family ties

What do we offer?


We will encourage children to do their homework independently, thus developing confidence in their abilities, responsibility, and the opportunity to discover their own method of working. We are there to review the lessons with the children together, help plan their work and in the face of an impossible obstacle we would help children or if there are any questions, we would answer them. We seek for the child not only to complete his homework, but to learn, to concentrate, to notice details, to ask questions and to consolidate the acquired knowledge during other activities and to be able to apple them.

If we see that your child lacks confidence in his knowledge in one area or another, if some gaps do not allow him to improve or the child wants to go deeper and learn more about the chosen subject, we will offer you the services of qualified tutors.


We invite you to celebrate birthdays and other family celebrations in the cozy children’s leisure and after-school activity center. We will offer fun and interesting programs, we will surprise you with great characters. We can arrange cooking lessons. We will help you implement all your ideas so that the celebration will provide only positive emotions and leave lasting impressions. 


During summer or holidays, when parents work and there is nobody to leave your children with, day camps are a good choice. The day camps organized by our center are adventure and research trips , during which children participate in different educational activities, learn about different countries and traditions as well as delve into various activities. 

We pay a lot of attention to cognitive and practical activities in the fields of health, art, culinary, research of the secrets of living nature, performing scientific tests and practical tasks. We develop cultural and language competencies through games.