The project Organization of preventative activities for socially excluded children and young people with delinquent behavior” is intended for Klaipėda city children and adolescents with delinquent behavior (youth under 29). Project activities are carried out in the premises of Liberi Children and Youth Center – S. Šimkaus str. 17a, Klaipeda. Throughout the project period (from 02/06/2020 to 02/11/2021), services will be provided to at least 60 children and young people with delinquent behavior. During the implementation of the project, preventative activities will be organized and carried out, creating conditions for the socialization of children and young people, helping young people who are experiencing social exclusion to fully integrate into the life of society.    

Project activities: cultural and social activity organization using education (creative audiovisual, theatre, directing, music activities), experiential training (food making workshops, cognitive excursions, sport activities), art and movement therapy (fine art, games) with the help of these activities young people will be able to get to know, educate and present themselves better. In addition, psychological support, counselling, communication and other services.

Voluntary activities are encouraged in the project , at least 10 volunteers will be used and trained for the implementation of the project.

The project will contribute to the achievement of the Operational Program approved by the European commission in the September 8, 2014 decision no. C(2014)6397, 8th priority “Increasing Social Inclusion and Combating Poverty” project activities that will increase the availability of social and psychological support and counselling services in the target area and develop community-based services. During the project, by organizing preventative activities and voluntary activities, the aim will be to reduce the social exclusion experienced by children and young people with delinquent behavior, to increase the involvement of both volunteers and representatives of the target group in public life.

Activities of the project “Organization of preventative activities for socially excluded children and young people with delinquent behavior” implemented by the public institution “Liberi”:

  1. Creative education, audiovisual arts: photo, video and audio classes. Aim: to accelerate the socialization of children and young people by developing their creativity and interest in various activities (E.G photography, filming, editing, working with photo and audio equipment), gaining experience. There will be 12 educations, up to 15 people can participate.
  2. Creative workshops for theatre, directing and music. Aim: to develop the target groups self-expression, teamwork, ability to communicate and achieve a common goal. It will also improve social skills. There will be 8 educations, up to 15 people can participate.
  3. KM5education of creative thinking pentathlon. Objective: Participating in the performance and development of KM5 tasks, scenarios and roles we will activate 5 creative habits (imagination, curiosity, perseverance, consistent practice, collaboration) and 5 types of thinking (analytical, logical, strategic, critical and divergent). There will be 10 educations, up to 15 people can participate. 
  4. Integrated art therapy sessions. Art therapy, tests, visualization exercises, while developing children’s and young people’s emotional intelligence with new, science-based methods. There will be a total of 10 classes. Up to 6 representatives of the target group can participate in the session.
  5. 120 individual consultations and 60 group self-assessment consultations. Duration of individual consultations – 1 hour, duration of group consultations – 4 hours. Group size: up to 6 people. Self-assessment counseling will contribute to the development of the skills of the target group, helping to engage in the process of social participation.
  6. Cooking classes. Children and young people themselves will be involved in the cooking process. The purpose of food production sessions: to promote cooperation, independence, friendship, sharing. Eating lunch together forms a sense of community, which reduces social exclusion and enables the development of interpersonal relationships, self-esteem growth and a sense of being needed. Groups for food preparation will be formed according to the needs from 5 to 8 representatives of the target groups, distributing cooking work to each participant. Class time: ~ 2 hours.
  7. Educational trips. Trips to museums, cultural institutions, nature, etc. Planned number of participants during one trip: 5 representatives of the target groups.

Project duration – 18 months. 

This project is funded by the European Union Structural Funds and Klaipeda City Municipality.

We invite you to come to our children’s day center and discuss your participation in selected project activities. We would like to clarify that children and young people (under 29 years of age) with a supporting document for behavioral difficulties from PPT or PSC, etc. can participate in the project activities.

Contact for inquiry and cooperation:

Director Rita Čėsnaitė
8 698 57 207