As winter evenings lengthen, NGO “Liberi” is starting to participate in the project “Building Connection” (2020-2021) for children’s day care centers, which is being organized by the association “Kūrybinės jungtys”. The project is designed to develop creativity of children attending the day center, to strengthen the skills of working with children to the organization staff and volunteers.

On December 4, children and staff visiting “Liberi” day center had a unique opportunity to participate in non-routine activities – a movie evening, together with a professional theatre, film and event director Tomas Jašinskas. The director, who presented his full-length film “System”, shared his experience and introduced his work to the young people visiting the day center. During the discussion of the film, the creator answered the children’s questions about the art of cinema and listened to the children’s personal experiences at school. The participating children familiarized themselves with the creative process up close, learned to think critically and process information. It was a great opportunity to get to know themselves and others better. Ona Bajorinienė also participated with the children and coordinated the event, while being able to see the day center visitors in a different context as well as obtain new ideas in regards to working with children. 

As this year’s pre-holiday plans were heavily adjusted by quarantine safety requirements, we couldn’t accept everyone who wanted to. Therefore, in compliance with all safety requirements, we plan to continue cooperation in the future and reach the final stage of creative connections. (All program sessions are scheduled to run until January 24).

Contact for inquiry and cooperation:

Director Rita Čėsnaitė
8 698 57 207